our new ataturk

I’m afraid to say this lest I be misunderstood -but will do anyways. I’ve always said [bet me, myself & I] that we need an Ataturk for Egypt for a period of time to set it straight.

I think we got one.

Every decision is difficult and controversial but some of those decisions I know are needed to set this country straight again – ‘again’ meaning not to the Mubarak or Sadat or Nasser era – but to a path of economic progress, a path that will result in a temporary curbing of rights.

Temporary. Of course there are no guarantees of anything temporary – but rather hoping it would be.

I don’t like much of what is happening.. but some of it I acknowledge as necessary and believe that someone had to do it.

But does a violation of rights mean eventual respect of rights? I don’t think so. Yet the examples of Ataturk and Peter the Great are before me.

Is this a price we all have to pay for bringing Egypt into the 21st century?

extreme intolerance

Egypt -

We live in an environment of intolerance to the extreme. If you DARE criticize or not even.. if you DARE mention something that is contrary to popular opinion, you are harassed, attacked, yelled at, called names..not to mention being called a traitor. It is indeed – to say the least – a very disturbing environment. A reminder of the bad days of Morsi regime does not excuse current behavior except for a while. It should not be a choice of worse to bad.. but should be a choice of the worst of the worst to good. You do not free people from enslavement to enslave them again using different terminology. The fact that people ‘like it’ and ‘approve it’ does not necessarily make it right. It is distressing to the extreme.

The current problem is also exacerbated by the fact that people are supporting a person rather than a system. Hanging one’s dreams for a better future on a person is not right – regardless of who the person is. If hanging it on a system then no matter the circumstance, no matter how many individuals go and come – regardless of their charisma – the system will support itself because it will continue functioning regardless. That’s why a civil, democratic society is needed. If Sisi was gone today for some unforeseen circumstance [assassination or whatever], the system will not hold because it is dependent on the individual. It is a frightening scenario.

in memorium – mayada and mary

Sixth update: March 31, 2014, 4.30 pm EST: Mary’s father says there are no stab wounds on her body. [link]

Fifth update: March 31, 2014: Eyewitness says Mary was dragged and stabbed. [link]. The man who had taken Mary  to the hospital was arrested and accused of murdering her [link]. Other information says the 5 had been arrested in AlMarg [link].

Fourth update: 9.43 am EST: These are the 5 men who allegedly murdered Mary in Ein Shams. They have all been ikhwanapprehended except one. The man who carried Mary to the hospital was an Ikhwani demonstrator. He also led police to the people who killed her, among them his own cousin.

Third update: 8.40 pm EST: Conflicting reports – Two prominent TV shows broadcast that forensics report shows Mary was indeed stabbed, one of the wounds was a neck wound that killed her [Wael alIbrashi]. The other show [Rola Kharsa] says she received 22 stab wounds.  As of now, I will refrain from writing about this topic until true information becomes available. Until then.. expect no updates.

Second Update 2pm EST: Investigation reveals 5 masked gunmen allegedly killed journalist Mayada. Mary was shot when they saw a cross in her in car. After shooting her they  torched the car. Sherif Abdel Raoud, a 13 year old boy, was crossing the street and he too was shot and killed. [link]

First Update 12 pm EST:  head of forensics says that Mary also died with shots in the head just like Mayada link  and link. In addition forensics has yet to investigate the type of bullets in order to determine whether shots came from Ikhwan or from police].


Two fallen victims of  Ikhwan terrorism on 28 March 2014 in Ein Shams:flowers

1- Mayada Ashraf: A lDostoor journalist, shot by Ikhwan during clashes in Ein Shams. Ikhwan allegedly shot randomly and while covering the demonstration and clashes, Mayada was shot twice in the head. She died instantly.

2- Mary Sameh: a Coptic woman in the wrong place at the wrong time. Passing by in her car, Ikhwan stopped her and stabbed her to death 16 times. Her wounds were fatal. [Update: head of forensics says that Mary also died with shots in the head just like Mayada link]

During Mary’s funeral the following day, 29 March, massive numbers of people attended, both Muslims and Christians, carrying crosses and Qurans and denounced Ikhwan’s terrorism. They also held banners with Mayada’s picture on them.

Two beautiful young girls: Mayada killed on duty while filming the clashes; a victim of her job that has been the target for many other journalists as well including her friend and co-worker Al Husseini Abu Deif, killed by a sniper while covering clashes in Itihadiya during Morsi’s reign. Mary, a victim of sectarianism and the deep divisions that Morsi’s regime had created and of the virulent anti-Christian rhetoric they have initiated in Egypt during his time and that continued long after his fall.

Mary and Mayada took the bullet for all of us.

legal status of the 529 Ikhwan – الرأى القانونى حول ال529 إخوانيا

Many of us were horrified regarding the wholesale death sentence verdict against 529 Ikhwanis in a Menya Court. I therefore asked a ‘legal expert’ @tarouk6666 and here is his response:

Legal status of Menya Ikhwan sentenced in absentia: they r the majority.If they show up in court or if they are arrested, the judgement is voided automatically. This is according to article 395 of the criminal procedures code. The remaining 130 will go to the appeals court. Verdict against the 130 would then be studied by 5 senior judges from the criminal chamber of the Egyptian supreme court .. who either accepts or reject sentence & refers it to another court. Re the circuit that issued judgment,it may be sued if a grave mistake was perceived & may even have a compensation claim. The legal consequences of that will be a beginning of a new trial and starting over once again ..

بالنسبة لحكم المنيا فالمركز القانونى للمتهمين المحكوم عليهم غيابيا و هم الاغلبية فبمجرد مثولهم او القبض عليهم يسقط الحكم تلقائيا و تعاد محاكمتهم من جديد و كأن حكما لم يصدر فى حقهم ..اما ال 130 الحضورى فيتم الطعن على الحكم أمام محكمة النقض و تنظرها دائرة مكونة من 5 مستشارين و تصدر حكمها إما بتأييد الحكم أو بنقضه و إعادة القضية لنظرها أمام دائرة أخرى و هو المرجح

If you have questions ask him on twitter:  @tarouk6666

Needless to say, although it will ultimately fall into nothing here are its consequences:

  • It served no purpose but to provoke Ikhwan into further escalation of violence and gave them justification for their actions.
  • It increased sympathy towards Ikhwan even though they had been the aggressors all along.
  • It did Egypt a huge disfavor by confirming much of the international media hype about what’s happening in Egypt.
  • It showed current government in a bad light even though this had nothing to do with the government nor the army. It was a single judge’s verdict. But that is precisely why the law has guarantees in place to protect against abuse of death penalty judgement.




قصيدة هشام الجخ الجديدة

خلاص عرفت
خلاص عرفت
عملوا ثورة وشالوا زفت
بس متقوليش خلاص مشو حمار
أي واحد بعده هنخليه حمار حتى لو مكنش اسمـــه حمار
شعب مين يا جحش انت ؟
هي مصر امتى حكمها شعب ؟؟
مصر بتسلم ودانها لأي كلب ..
بس يتذوق شوية ..
ليبرالية شرعيةديمقراطية
اى كلمة فيها اية
اى كلمة تكون طرية
الشباب المصرى منظر
كله فكر نفسه عنتر
انفخوهم انتوا بس وعظموهم
فهموهم ان رايه ده امانة
وان كلام يخالف رايه يبقى بدات الخيانة
افردوا اديكم شوية بالفلوس الناس جعانة
فنانين ومثقفين دول عند خالتك
دول شحاتين
يابنى كله قصاد فلوس راح يدوس
هي مصر امتى حكمها شعب ؟؟
مصر بتسلم ودانها لأي كلب ..
بس يتذوق شوية ..
شرعية .. ديمقراطية .. ليبرالية .. “عسكرية” أنا إللي كل ما أجوع بعنيكي بتصبر .. ما يغركيش العدد .. والله أنا أكتر .. أنا اللي مش إخوان .. وانا اللي مش عسكر”. Continue reading

confessions of an egyptian in dilemma: who am i?

If you ask Egyptians they will give you a very straightforward answer: there is no dilemma and the path is clear – we just want the Islamists to go away and we want our stability back. Stability, in their view, is having Field Marshall al-Sisi as president. And yes, I support him too. I support him because I am grateful that he removed the much-despised Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] and their cohorts from power, whose main intent was to change and distort  the identity and fate of Egypt and Egyptians to something much worse.

Nevertheless as a long time human rights activist, I do have an existential dilemma.

The 3 sins of the 25 January Revolution:

We have to admit there were many mistakes in the 25 January revolution. In my view, here are the top three:

1- Elections: Many young revolutionaries supported the Ikhwan position insisting upon presidential elections first before forming a constitution. It was an Ikhwan ploy to control the outcome of Egypt’s revolution. This very issue led to ElBaradei’s withdrawal from the presidential race. ElBaradei wanted an interim presidency during which the youth would be trained in leadership matters and, more critically, outreach. Revolutionary youth opposed this very strongly and said all they wanted was “getting rid of the military first”, even if it was for an Islamist-oriented president. It was then that the revolution took on a sinister turn.

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تحديث عن موضوع أبلة فاهيتا

  أولا أبلة بتسلم عليكم وبتقول لكم فودافون أصدرت بيان بخصوص الإعلان 

توضـــــــيح dimasr
قامت شركة فودافون مصر منذ أيام بعرض إعلان قصير على شبكات الإنترنت وصفحات التواصل الاجتماعي خاص بعرض لإعادة تشغيل الشريحة للسادة عملاء فودافون ،وتم استخدام شخصية “أبلة فاهيتا” الكوميدية كوسيلة لإيضاح العرض للمشاهدين ، في سياق كوميدي ساخر يتناسب مع صفات الشخصية الكوميدية و طرق التواصل الساخرة على شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي ، وقد أثار الإعلان القصير ردود فعل مختلفة مما أستدعى توضيح التالي :
• هذا الإعلان ما هو إلا وسيلة اتصال تسويقية تهدف إلى التعريف بعرض إعادة تشغيل شريحة فودافون وجذب المشاهد للمنتج
• الإعلان لا يحمل أي بعد أخر غير الموضح أعلاه وأي تفسيرات مخالفة لذلك تعد محض خيال و أراء شخصية لبعض مشاهدي الإعلان وفودافون غير مسئولة عن التوجهات الشخصية والتفسيرات البعيدة عن الواقع لبعض من شاهدوا الإعلان
• تنأى فودافون بنفسها عن الدخول في تفاصيل التفسيرات و الاتهامات الغير معقولة التي صدرت من بعض الأشخاص وتحتفظ فودافون بحق الرد واتخاذ الإجراءات القانونية حيال من يحاولوا تشويه سمعة الشركة
و نشكر عملاء فودافون على ثقتهم الغالية في الشركة و الدعم و المساندة التي نراها على صفحات التواصل الاجتماعي

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