the shafiq charade

 Nov 29th, 2017:

This may be one of the shortest presidential bids in history. It lasted only four days – from Nov 29, when former prime minister in the Mubarak era and ex-airforce pilot. Ahmed Shafiq, announced his presidential bid via Youtube, from his exile in the United Emirates.

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el rawda mosque massacre: a town that lost its men

On Friday November 24th, 2017, during Friday prayers when all Muslims in the little town of El Rawda in northern Sinai were grathered for prayers, people heard an explosion outside the mosque and then the shooting began.

The mosque is named after the town, and is a province of Markaz Deir El Abd, with a population of no more than 1500-2000 people. The terrorists targetted people who tried to escape, cornering everyone inside the mosque. blocking its exists, as they continued to fire randomly for approximately 20 minutes according to eyewitnesses [others claim it was 45 minutes].  Some eyewitnesses said that some of the shooters chased and pursued people all the way to their homes and shot them there. The initial death toll was 50 with 150 injuries reported. However as the day progressed, the death toll rose to 309, among them 27 children, and 140 injured. It is considered the biggest terrorist attack yet in Egypt’s modern history.


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the sh$%# they say!

Over the past two months some of the announcements that came out of the mouths of Egyptian public officials and media celebrities has been outstanding. Here is a collection of the most memorable:

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twitter humor

This week a draft law is being discussed in parliament re insulting/satirizing leaders considered romooz, or ‘symbols’ which usually applies to leaders and their cronies in the Egyptian context.  No definition of what ‘symbols’ means in their view, nor which era they belong to, but apparently it applies to ‘historic symbols’ too. For this reason, this blog post is about all the humor and satire on Twitter/Facebook regarding the Egyptian regime. It is a collection of images in Arabic making fun of everything from political figures to media celebrities, and from poverty to corruption at the highest levels. Some I will translate but for others, humor will be lost in translation:

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tiran and sanafir – the final charade

Although the Egyptian courts have decided beyond reasonable doubt and after extensive reviews of both the government’s and the people’s documents regarding the border demarcation agreement, the Egyptian regime decided to refer the now void agreement to parliament for voting. This is contrary to both the law and the constitution. Everyone knew that once it went to parliament, and given that parliament has been chosen by state security in the first place, they would approve the agreement and ignore the courts. Several lawyers, among them Khaled Ali and Tarek al Awadi filed lawsuits against the government insisting the government should uphold the law and rejecting parliament’s intervention.

In April, the Court of Urgent Matters voided the ruling halting transfer of islands to Saudi Arabia. This lawsuit was not even filed by government but was filed by a lawyer, Ashraf Farahat. This ruling is subject to appeal but also the matter is already at the Constitutional Court which will offer its own ruling in July. Continue reading