egypt was stripped naked .. part II: the exposure continues

Repercussions of the Minya incident continued the entire week of May 25 which is why this is the second post about the incident. 

husband's letter

husband’s letter to the governor

In my previous post I had mentioned that during the reconciliation meeting, the woman’s husband received a LE 5000 donation from the governor who had previously lied about the entire incident and denied it ever happened. The following day, the Minya Bishophric published a very brief hand-written letter from the husband, Danial Attiya Abdou, addressed to the governor, thanking him for the donation but respectfully rejecting it, saying that he had everything he wanted and that if he wanted anything afterwards he would ask them. Continue reading

egypt was stripped naked…مصر اتعرت

Tweep says: “forgive us mother, you have been wronged. We permitted Salafi ideology to infiltrate Egyptian minds for decades, giving us ISIL-like people living among us :(“


On Wednesday May 25th I wrote briefly about the case of the Copts in Al Karm village, Abu Qirqas, Minya but because the matter had escalated in the past two days, I decided to dedicate a special post to the matter.

Al Karm is a small, conservative village 15 kms. outside Minya. The incident began when a rumor circulated that a Coptic man and a Muslim woman, both married, had an illicit affair. According to the woman who later spoke to the media, her husband and the Coptic man, Ashraf Abdu Atiya, were partners in a store and life-long friends, and that there was no relationship between her and Atiya, claiming that her husband wanted to divorce her and therefore spread the rumor. [entire story may be viewed on this video in Arabic]

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court appearances, extensions, releases, a chair, and a despicable ‘parade’.. week in review

Social media was particularly incensed about what people perceived as the ‘deceptive’ coverage of the EgyptAir crash by foreign media. A visit by Abu Dhabi’s Emir was uneventful, but a visit by the Grand Imam of Al Azhar to the Vatican was highlighted – though not always favorably [as is shown below]. Besides that, this week was very eventful in terms of arrests, releases, detentions, lawsuits and interrogations. By Wednesday, the issue of the Coptic incident in Al Karm, Minya, was the top topic [see below].

EgyptAir MS804:

  • The Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement regarding the EgyptAir disaster, taking the opportunity to score points and settle issues with the government. It was a very distasteful and bad idea.  Part of the text included the following:

    MB statement in Arabic

    MB statement in Arabic

This new catastrophe occurred while Egypt is mired in disaster, with fires burning the whole country, mad price rises scorching the impoverished population, more taxes and ‘protection money’ being extorted from ordinary citizens, the Egyptian pound tumbling, the entire economy collapsing, and Egypt losing its historic right to Nile waters after the traitorous general Sisi gave it up, just as he slumped under the feet of the Zionists, carrying out their orders, succumbing to their heinous plots, and losing Egypt its identity and heritage.
Those who massacred thousands of innocent people with unprecedented brutality, burned and swept their bodies into piles of garbage, cannot possibly care to protect the lives of a passenger plane. Traitors who betrayed, hijacked and steered the homeland to suit their own whims and desires, allowing corruption, fires and disasters to devastate the homeland, will not be moved by the loss of human lives.
The repeated Egypt Air aircraft disasters, with the loss of security at Egyptian airports, fuel an international scandal bound to cause more tourists to stay away from Egypt, which is a great loss for the Egyptian economy already weakened by failing coup regime maneuvers.

Media: Continue reading

from warmth to scandals, a sale, a loan and fake stories.. week in review

Perhaps President Sisi’s announcement this week that he seeks a ‘warm peace’ with Israel provided Palestinians have justice has been the subject of much debate. He said finding a resolution for the Palestinian cause would result in a warm peace. Sisi said this on an occasion that had nothing to do with politics but the announcement came as a surprise to many, especially when added to the demarcation agreement in which Israel had been involved. Sisi demanded that the peace agreement be revived and that further negotiations take place. This raised the ire of many Egyptians who viewed this as further closeness to Israel without real justice. Many opposition took his words out of context and denounced his ‘warm peace’, enumerating the many violations that Israel has committed against both Egypt and Palestine.

The Badran scandal – caught in the act: Continue reading

EgyptAir flight MS804

paris-cairoThe disappearance of EgyptAir flight MS 804 from Paris to Cairo with 66 passengers and crew on board on Thursday, May 19th, was the top news towards the middle of the week. The flight had left Paris at 23:09 local time on Wednesday (21:09 GMT) and was scheduled to arrive in Cairo at 03:15 local time (01:15 GMT) on Thursday.

A press conference by the minister of aviation was organized several hours after the disappearance of the airplane over the Mediterranean after entering Egyptian airspace. The Minister stressed to the press that no reason has been excluded for the plane’s disappearance, even though in his opinion, it is more likely a terrorist act. France’s Hollande said what Min of Aviation had also said, that they were:”keeping open mind- will draw conclusions when we have the truth about what happened”. He also stated that the airplane had gone down and was no longer considered ‘missing’. Continue reading


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