the refugee ‘problem’: but for the grace of God…

Refugees are arriving in Europe by the thousands. [The term ‘migrants’ is deceiving because in truth, they are refugees from war-torn Syria and parts of Iraq rather than voluntary migrants.] Amnesty says that more than 10 million Syrians have fled Syria alone, although a large number of those are also displaced  within Syria. Of those registered with the UNCHR, 2.2 million are in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, 1.8 million Syrians registered by the Turkey, as well as more than 24,000 Syrian refugees registered in North Africa.  By 2015, of the European countries, the highest number was recorded in Germany, which received 77,109 applications, followed by France (54,131) and Sweden (38,792).

The EU

European countries, as well as Syria’s Middle East neighbors, feel they are being taxed by the heavy burden of refugees whom they have to house, feed, clothe, educate and perhaps employ. Middle Eastern neighbors are already carrying the heaviest burdens, but in Europe, many right-wing governments and their conservative followers have begun fear mongering campaigns to prevent any such help. Some claim that terrorists could infiltrate Europe hidden among the refugees. The concept is not surprising nor too far-fetched since ISIL and Al Nusra militants were found for example among UN refugees bound for Norway . The myriad threats issued by ISIL that they will attack Europe were no help either. Not to mention of course, actual attacks as well as home-grown terrorists that those countries are battling. Another ‘refugee PR’ disaster was when a boat full of African refugees nearly capsized off the shores of Libya on its way to Italy after clashes between the migrants themselves. 12 Christian refugees were thrown overboard by their Muslim counterparts after they prayed to ask God for help when their dinghy suffered a puncture and the Muslims did not want them to pray. The concept of killing Christians by Muslims was used as an example of why Italians – who had rescued several boats before – were refusing to take on more. As a result, Italy presented the UN with a plan to shoot migrant boats before they have any refugees on board those boats – an idea that was rejected internationally because migrant boats are generally fishing boats and could therefore cause an unwitting massacre.

Although EU members in an emergency meeting agreed to take a mere 32000 refugees, Slovakia did not buy in and said it will not accept anyone but Christians. They cited ‘not having mosques’ as an excuse. Macedonian authorities are beating back refugees and the refugees began acting rather violently, storming the border police station. Amnesty International said Macedonian police are responding to Syrian refugees on their border with Greece as if they were dealing with rioters not refugees who have fled conflict & persecution,”  even though the refugees only wanted to cross the country as a gateway to other EU countries. Riot police fired tear gas and stun grenades to drive back angry crowds.  Hungary’s right-wing government is completing a border fence with its non-EU neighbors. Neo-nazis are making sure no refugees enter as well. But as NBC noted, razor barbed wire is no hindrance to refugee determination to cross to safety. The UK has so far taken less than 7000.

Arriving by boats from Turkey to the Greek islands  and especially to the island of Kos, migrants have been living on the streets among sometimes irate, sometimes sympathetic tourists. Turkish fishermen have allegedly videotaped Greek coast guards deliberately sinking a migrant boat. And yet the economically-strapped Greek government chartered ferries that transported several thousand mainly Syrian migrants to the Greek mainland from the island of Lesbos. France currently has a problem at the Calais border entrance where refugees have arrived in attempts at crossing into the UK only to be pushed back and beaten by riot police. In July 2015, France finally approved a law for asylum and refugee resettlement and fast-tracking the process. A year earlier, according to France, 96% of asylum seekers have been granted asylum.

Countries treating Syrian refugees with some form of dignity are Sweden which announced refugees would be granted residency, and Germany which is accepting the highest number of refugees among EU countries. However it is no picnic even if countries that accept them. Only today, right wingers in Mainz, Germany went on a weekend trashing spree over ‘immigrants’. In April 2015 a Kurdish student was shot by neo-Nazis in the eastern German town of Leipzig and in July a bomb attack against a pro-immigrant politician was carried out in front of his house in the city of Freital.

The US, on the other hand, is not even accepting 200 Christian Iraqis who had escaped from Iraq’s ISIL and are currently held in a refugee camp on the border. [UPDATE: US today, August 25, announced that it would take 5,000 to 8,000 Syrian refugees].


So whose responsibility is it to take in that influx of refugees? The problem is that the US and Europe have started wars and chaos in the Middle East – and if not started then encouraged – but did not expect nor plan for the outcome. How did they think that chaos will remain contained? It would not be chaos if it did. If refugees are a ‘problem’ then war is a much bigger problem that needs to be stopped. This is not to deny the Middle East’s responsibility for their own plight, but a mess as big as this one could not have happened without the inciting and initiation of the ‘international community’, not to mention the arms trade and freely moving weaponry.

Given the distant prospects for peace, there is a need for long term solutions.  UNCHR says that resettlement and expedited humanitarian admission in safe countries are the only solution to the matter. Putting new arrivals in camps and make-shift shelters only exacerbates the humanitarian crisis. As the influx is likely to increase, the crisis is likely to worsen in the coming months and years. Both summer’s scorching heat and winter’s bitter cold weather are particularly hard on refugees, with children and the elderly being the most vulnerable.

Statistics and state-responsibilities aside, these are individual human beings and families and so many in Europe have also shown a humane side. A German driver welcomed the refugees and brought them to tears with just a few kind words that actually made the news. Many on the Greek islands are trying to help the refugees without losing their tourist businesses. Kind Hungarians are offering shoes, food and milk. Non-profit organizations are trying to help in Munich. Community members from Uki, on the New South Wales north coast, have welcomed five refugee families as part of an initiative to make them feel welcomed. But while those commendable efforts are occurring everywhere, the overall responsibility still falls on governments. Good intentions and conferences will not solve the ‘problem’ for the governments nor for the refugees.

Being humane

Imagine you have a child and you are trying to protect them, escaping from a war-torn country and trying to get into another. Sometimes I stare at the images of the parents holding their children – the agony, the pain, the injustice, the utter helplessness and despair, and the fierce protectiveness they must be feeling overwhelms me and pierces me to the chore. The children must also be traumatized and confused, longing for some stability and a place to call home. It shows in every picture – in every face.

To those who attack refugees, hate them or are simply indifferent to them, do remember:  but for the grace of God, go you and I.

Photo Album of the most poignant pictures:

Note: All images are taken from several internet sources including but not limited to the Guardian, Ankawa, Rudaw, AP, Reuters, Daily Mail and others. If any of the images violate any copyright issues, please let me know and I will remove them.

update on ‘history is bunk’

I wrote a blog post a few months ago about ISIL’s destruction of Syrian and Iraqi monuments and attempts at wiping away the history of those people.  Of course it never stopped at that and now there has been more destruction to some of the world’s most amazing ancient heritage. This post is an update:

  • The Taking of the Greco-Roman ruins of Palmyra. In May 2015 after the taking of the beautiful ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, ISIL began destroying its statues and artefacts using its amphitheater as an execution site. [They executed 25 Syrian soldiers in front of an audience].
  • Mar Elian Monastery: a 5th C monastery in in the central Syrian town of al-Qaryatain. ISIL bulldozed the site. August 2015
  • The Keeper of Palmyra - 81 year old Khaled al-Asaad

    The Keeper of Palmyra – 81 year old Khaled al-Asaad

    In August also, ISIL beheaded 81 year old renowned archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad for refusing to cooperate with them. According to The Guardian, Khaled al-Asaad was said to have been killed because he refused to lead the militants to Palmyra’s relics. He had stayed in Palmyra to protect the work he had dedicated his life to protecting. To learn more about him visit his facebook page.
    Al-Asaad was hung on a pole with a poster attached to him citing 5 reasons for his beheading among them attending ‘infidel’ conferences to represent Syria and protecting and being director of the ‘idols’ in Palmyra.

  • Destruction of the Temple of Baal Shameen in Palmyra. They put explosives in the temple and blew it up. August 2015
  • Damage to Syria’s Maarat al-Numan Mosaic Museum. August 2015 – although this was allegedly destroyed by the Syrian government bombings of the area.
  • Transforming a Chaldean church in Mosul into a mosque. July 2015.
  • Destruction of two religious sites [tombstones of Sunnis or Makam] in Aleppo by explosives.
  • ISIL militants destroyed Palmyrene funerary sculptures in Manbij July 2015.
  • List of 45 Christian sites ISIL destroyed in Mosul.
  • ISIL militants destroyed a Yezidi shrine in the town of Gabara
  • ISIL demolished the Olympic Stadium in Ramadi, Al Anbar Governorate, Iraq

You may also read more about destruction of sites at the Syrian Heritage Initiative

Photo Album

al zend – false face must hide…

Away, and mock the time with fairest show;
False face must hide what the false heart doth know.
– Macbeth

Following the announcement of al Zend as Minister of Justice in Egypt, I instantly remembered some of his infamous statements and positions. I was happy to know others did too, countering the media polishing of al Zend’s personality  in a very successful attempt at creating yet another cult of personality. In fact, newspapers said that during the Ikhwan rule al Zend was known as the ‘lion of judges’ and also as the number one enemy of Ikhwan. Evidence, though, shows quite the contrary – and as usual in politics, everything is not what it seems.

With Sheikh Hassan - an extremist - invited to the judges club when he was the head of the club

With Sheikh Hassan – an extremist – invited to the judges club when Al Zend was president of the club

The following are some of al Zend’s statements:

    1. On application of Sharia (2012): al Zend wearing a haj robe stated that he wanted the Egyptian legislature to change the law to be ‘purely Islamic’ especially the hodood laws in the criminal law. He stated that the ‘problem’ needs to be resolved just like the laws in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
    2.  On Morsi: (22 April 2013) Al Zend said that the first place where Ikhwan were represented publicly was at the Judges’ Club.He stated that “Morsi praised my humble person and praised the judges’ club” and continued: “I don’t believe anyone but him”.
    3.  On criticizing judges: Al Zend stated that he who burns a picture of a judge will have his heart burnt and his memory and image wiped off the land of Egypt.
      الزند: “اللي هيحرق صورة قاضي هيتحرق قلبه وذاكرته وخياله من على أرض مصر”. قالها فى برنامج مصر اليوم.
    4. On “counter-revolutionaries”: (2013) Al Zind in a television program stated that Morsi needed to execute ‘counter-revolutionaries’ on the streets, and wondered why a state would leave the “leaders of a revolution”. He said you must hang them publicly in the streets. He stated that anyone who ‘conspires against the state’ is a traitor and needs to be hanged.
    5. On Obama: (2014) Al Zend said “Sisi smacked Obama on the back of his head that now he has no back.”
      “السيسى ضرب أوباما بالقفا النهاردة ومن كتر ما السيسى ضرب اوباما على قفاه مبقاش عنده قفا”.
    6. “They are slaves and we are masters” (2014) – speaking of Judges and people. [In the media, as an attempt at polishing his image, some tv personalities began saying that’s not what he meant.. rather, what he meant was ‘the Egyptian people are masters and everyone else a slave’. Is  this explanation supposed to make it better?
    7. On hiring sons of judges as new judges: (2012) Al Zend said ‘we will continue to appoint judges’ sons and no one can stop this holy march”.
      تعيين أبناء القضاة سيستمر.. ولن تستطيع قوة في مصر إيقاف هذا الزحف المقدس
    8. On legitimacy of Morsi: (2013) – “Morsi is the legitimate president of Egypt.”
      الزند : “مرسي” هو الرئيس الشرعي لمصر وله احترامه وتقديرها
    9. Al Zend speaking in derogatory terms to judge who asked for budget

      Al Zend speaking in derogatory terms to judge who asked for budget

      As president of the judges’ club, one of the judges at the general assembly asked for a budget review and al Zend responded using derogatory term “what budget, boy?”

Clearly al Zend was cooperating and continued to be willing to cooperate with deposed president Morsi. However shortly after Morsi created the constitution and began calling for ‘cleansing’  the judiciary, al Zend began an anti-Morsi campaign and rode the rising anti-Ikhwan tide. At one point he actually gave Morsi a 36 hour ultimatum to withdraw his decision to re-install the parliament which the constitutional court had dissolved and deemed unconstitutional (July 2012). He also called Morsi’s much-contested constitutional declaration a travesty that overthrew law and justice – which it was.  In 2013 he also commented on Morsi’s speech in which he spoke of ‘cleansing the judiciary’ as ‘inciting people against the judiciary.’

Al Zend was also instrumental in the campaign rejecting the removal of the public prosecutor Abdel Majeed Mahmoud – of the Mubarak era – from his position because the public prosecutor’s position is a ‘for life’ position and he may not be removed according to Egyptian law. Al Zend insisted that it was an encroachment on the separation of powers between the legislative and the executive. However eventually Abdel Majeed resigned and Morsi appointed his own Ikhwan-oriented prosecutor, Talaat Abdullah.

Ideologically, it is clear that al Zend is of the Morsi-ilk and mentality a demonstrated in his statements and many of his positions. However the differences began when he felt Morsi was encroaching upon his – and the judges’ – authorities and powers. It is, therefore, not a question of being ‘a lion’ anti-Ikhwan, but rather a simple and typical power struggle.

يا خوفى عليك يا جراحى

abnoudiغاب عنا بالأمس شاعر العامية الكبير عبد الرحمن الأبنودى بعد أن أمتعنا وأحزننا ورفع مرآة المجتمع الفقير أمام أعيننا. هو شاعر الفقراء والمظلومين على مدى عقود طويلة. غاب الرجل القناوى ذو الجلباب الفلاحى- صاحب كلمات أغانى عبد الحليم حافظ وأغانى مقدمات المسلسلات. فالموت لا يهمه من يأخذ ومن يعطى

  الأبنودى هو كاتب رسايل الاسطى حراجى لزوجته فاطنه عبد الغفار وهى من أجمل ما كتب عن الغلابة والفقراء ببساطتهم ولغتهم الى عبر عنها بزجل سهل ممتنع وبيسط كبساطة هؤلاء. هى قصيدة عن الأسرة التى يسافر عائلها للبحث عن لقمة العيش – وكانت فى حالة الزوج جراحى هى السفر للمشاركة فى بناء السد. فأرسل جراحى رسائل لزوجته وهى ترد عليه برسائل أخرى. وبدايتها كالتالى :

الجوهرة المصونه
والدره المكنونه
زوجتنا فاطنه أحمد عبد الغفار
يوصل ويسلم ليها
في منزلنا الكاين في جبلايه الفار
أسوان … الرسالة 1
أما بعد .. لو كنت هاودت كسوفي ع التأخير
سامحيني يا فطنه في طول الغيبه عليكم
وأنا خجلان .. خجلان .. وأقولك يا زوجتنا أنا خجلان منكم
من هنا للصبح
شهرين دلوقت ..
من يوم ما عنيكي يا فاطنه .. بلت شباك القطر
لسوعتي بدمعك ضهر يديَ
لحضتها قلت لك
قبل ما عوصل عتلاقي جوابي جي
نهنهتي .. وقلتي لي بعتاب:
النبي عارفاك كداب .. نساي
وعتنسى أول ما عتنزل في أسوان

عبد الرحمن الأبنودى صاحب ضحكة المساجين بصوته المصرى الأصيل ولكنته الصعيدى  – غابت  يا خال ضحكة المساجين وبقيت ضحكة السجان. سجن أيام عبد الناصر عام 66 بتهمة إنضمامه لحزب شيوعى ولكنه كان الأكثر غضبا عندما كانت السلطة فى يد الإخوان إبان ثورة 25 يناير. فكان فى بداية الثورة مع الشباب وضد نظام مبارك فقال قصيدته الشهرية

ايادي مصرية سمرا ليها في التمييز
ممددة وسط الزئير بتكسر البراويز
سطوع لصوت الجموع شوف مصر تحت الشمس
آن الآوان ترحلي يا دولة العواجيز

وكان كذلك غاضبا من العسكر الذين أتوا بالسلطة فكانت قصيدة ضحكة المساجين والتى كتبها تحيه لعلاء عبد الفتاح وقام بغناءهما بصوته الرائع على الحجار:

الصرخة هادية.. بسّ هازّه الكون
قال الغشيم للوردة: «خبِّى اللون»
إيش يفهم التُّور فى هوا البساتين
ما بيتوبوش.. ولا اللى فات علّمهم
ما بيسمعوش فى الدنيا إلا كلامهم
مالهمش فى حوار النبات والطين.
الشرّ فى طرْف الميدان يِسكر
والفجر يطلع.. تحجبُه العسكر
وانت بتكتب سكَّه للجايّين
نطمِس معالم ثورتك يا شباب
أهو زى صفحة بتتقِطع فى كتاب
والدنيا تهدا ويرجعوا الغايبين.

مات الخال وهو الذى أمتعنا برباعياته أو مربعاته فى جريدة التحرير على مدى أشهر الثورة الأولى وحتى ثورة 30 يونيو – وتعتبر المربعات تأريخا نفسيا لتلك الفترة – فمنها على سبيل المثال

بحر السياسة غويط.. ماكر
أما اللي فوق البر شديد
زي اللي بيبيعوا تذاكر
وعمرهم.. ماسافروا بعيد!!

وكتب مثلا يقول:

هوَّه بْإيدين عارْية حَمَى الثورة
وحَطّ رُوحُه جوّه حَنَك الديب
وانت اللى جيت له ضيف على الفكرة
دلوقت جاىْ تِتِّهمُه بالتخريب!!

وكتب ينعى تسليم العسكر الحكم للإسلاميين

رِجِع القَلْب المِضَلِّم
لِلِعْبُه.. بْتاعْ زَمَان
التَّعْلَب اللّى سَلِّم
الحُكْم.. للإخوان

وكانت كل مربعات الأبنودى تعبيرا عميقا فى أربعة أسطر كالرباعيات عن الأحوال التى آلت إليها الثورة والتى كانت تؤرقه فقال بعد أحداث ماسبيرو  ((أعلنت حالة الصمت الشعرى منذ أحداث ماسبيرو.. وسأعود لمّا نكون أنا ومصر متفاهمين ع الآخر))

ثم عاد ليكتب بعد صعود الإخوان للحكم:

يادى البلاد اللى كانت حلمنا الزاهى
ومبعث الفخر لينا ف كافة الأوطان
إحنا انسخطنا كإن السخطة دى إلهى
مع إنها جاية شايلة يافطة الأديان

وكتب أيضا

لؤَما.. وقُلالاَتْ دين
فى الكدب غَمَسُوا العِلْم
مُمثِّلين…. تافهين
يوقَّعُوا مِيتْ فيلم

ومن بين ما كتب عن مرسى شخصيا  على سبيل المثال تعبيرا عن السخط الشعبى على الرئيس الذى بحسب الكلام العامى المصرى “مش ملو هدومه”:

نِفسِى اقابله دا اللى إداله دكتوراه
واسأَلُه:قول لى بأمانة يا عزيزى
هل كتَب (دَا) أى موضوع فى الحياة؟
وهل صحيح-يومها-كتب بالإنجليزى

ومن أهم ما كتب فى الإخوان هو رسالة إلى كهنة الإخوان  فكتب يقول

الوداع يا صوتي ما عدتش أصيل
الوداع يا قلبي مانتاش قلب نيل
الوداع يا طين بلادي يا مش جميل
يا صعيد البس ثياب عارك وعدد
شاعرك الاسمر مخبي في صوته مرشد
شاعرك أهو شال رايات الأغبيا
انهزم خان الأمانة وجي يغني لأغنيا
شاعرك جاهل ونفعي وابن
الوداع المر بينا يا رفيق

 ثم ما لبث أن كتب حول حرق الإخوان للكنائس فى مصر

ولعتها يا بجم يااهبل ياابوبقين
فاكر بحرق الكنِيسة حيرتفع شانك؟
توأم لصيق مستحيل حنِقسم نصِين
يا اللى الشيطان اتكسف من فعل شيطانك

وعاد الأبنودى بعد أن قامت ثورة 30 يونيو  وأزيل غم الإخوان

نْيابِ الدِّيابَة
وِنَهَمْ الوُحُوش
يَسْقُط حُكْم الكَآبة
وعَكَار الوُشُوشْ

وعاد يؤكد وهو ينعى ما يحدث فى سوريا ويؤيد ما يحدث فى مصر ليقول

كل اللِى شفناه ياسوريا وصابنابالحِيرة
طلع كلام زوربيتكررهنا فِى مصر
بلاوِى سى إن إن السودا وجزيرة
شفناه ودقناه مع القتلة ف مدِينة نصر

ثم كتب يقول مؤيدا للجيش: :

كنا فى رمضان يوم ما عبر الجيش وحققها
ولادها شياطين لكين القلب إنسانِى
كمافى 30 يونيه قامت كسرت طوقها
وِجرت الخونة للقفص الحديد تانى

وفى آخر مربع كتبه ونشر أيضا فى جريدة التحرير, كتب الخال قبل وفاته منتقدا عدم وجود أحزاب وبرلمان:

ما عادش غيرى حزب..
وادى العباد فى القرى بتخترع ميادين..
الناس بقت من بعيد خبرا فى شم الكذب
عاوزين تصالحوا دما الأمة على السكين

 – طمئنا عليك يا جراحى يا خال.. زوجتك فاطنة مستنياك ومستنية تسمع أخبارك:

إحنا ما يلزمناش .. أكتر من ورقه في ظرف ..
ناس الجبلايه كبيراً وصغيراً عاوزين رؤياك
قوللي يا حراجي بحق ..
عامل كيف بس ف ليل الفرقه .. ؟
واللهي ما خش دماغي حاجه من اللي كاتبه في الورقه ..
ويا خوفي عليك ..
بيقولوا فيه ناس .. ماتوا في اللي إسمه السد ..
طمنا عليك يا حراجي

بس جراحى ما ردش على الجوابات عشان جراحى مات. وداعا الأبنودى الخال – شكرا على شعر     أمتعتنا به وهو الباقى لأجيال قادمة. كيف تطلب منا أن نتذكرك ولا ننساك وأنت الذى لم تنسانا؟

for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Christian Ethiopians beheaded in Libya

Christian Ethiopians beheaded in Libya

Once again we see beautiful young men walking to their deaths. Today ISIL killed 28 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya – some shot dead and at least 11 slaughtered like sheep – all because they refused to either pay the gizya or convert to Islam. A man in the video says the men were crusaders, “worshippers of the cross belonging to the hostile Ethiopian church”.

Then comes the walk on the sand by the beautiful shoreline, men in orange jumpsuits each accompanied by a ‘shadow’ – a dark entity appropriately covered in black with cowardly faces hidden – for “let not light see [their] black and deep desires”. The pain of watching them could not ethiopian2be anywhere near the fear they must have felt in their hearts as they faced their cowardly murderers who shot them and slaughtered them from the backs of their heads. Could they not look their victims in the eyes? Could they not see the humanity and dignity of the dehumanized “other”? Could they not feel compassion for their families? for they are sons, brothers and fathers too.

The video is 29 minutes long – as usual skillfully filmed like a real-life movie. It zooms in from a Libyan map to the captives in the southern area of Libya and shows them being shot to death and zooms in on the the captives in the east being beheaded on a beach. [another video link] The first group was in Southern Province Fazzan, and the second in the east of Libya called Barka Province. The video also shows the destruction of churches in Libya as well as the destruction of Christian iconography.

The US expressed ‘anger’ over the murder – and yet it was the US that stood staunchly with the EU against Egypt’s airstrikes over Libya. They said they wanted to ensure ‘dialogue’ between the warring factions. In fact they stated “This atrocity once again underscores the urgent need for a political resolution to the conflict in Libya to empower a unified Libyan rejection of terrorist groups.” It is a good cause for sure – but has its limitations. After the destruction of Libya, limited directed strikes would have been quite useful.  It’s what the US is doing in Iraq and Syria – isn’t it?

In any case.. this is no time for finger-pointing but a time for mourning. It is also no time for justification of the terrorism nor of being an apologist. This massacre is a new addition to ISIL’s list of crimes and atrocities. Yet ISIL is not unique in its murders. It has happened before throughout history and will happen again not only by ISIL, but by all sorts of people – Western, Eastern, Muslim, Christian, and any other. Some die for their beliefs – others kill for the same, both believing they are doing the will of God.

When Macbeth killed his friend the King in order to replace him, he wondered if there was a way back – a way to enable him to retract his evil deed..but he realized he had gone too far into the depth of evil:

I am in blood
Stepp’d in so far that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o’er

There is no return, and the only solution is to kill more people, and more people – perhaps to numb any conscience if there remains any – but the more they kill, the worse their mental state becomes. Macbeth was haunted by the ghosts of the people he murdered and lamented

the times have been,
That, when the brains were out, the man would die,
And there an end, but now they rise again,
With twenty mortal murders on their crowns,
And push us from our stools: this is more strange
Than such a murder is.

Those they innocently killed will haunt them until their deaths by the very same guns and swords that they killed with.

It is only a belief in poetic justice.

Condolences to the Ethiopian people and the Ethiopian Church.

Photos of the Libya massacre and destruction of Churches


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