shoot, coward..

“I know you’ve come to kill me. Shoot, coward, you’re only going to kill a man.” – Che Guavara

givara.jpgYesterday I watched as Palestinian journalist Givara al Budeiri, the al Jazeera correspondent with her professionalism, strong voice and gentle face, stood giving her almost hourly report from Palestine. Wth the cameras still rolling, an Israeli jeep intimidatingly drove right into her. Still hodling her microphone, and still talking into it, she bent backwards with her other hand on the jeep’s hood. The jeep stood still for a moment then backed off and drove away.

Meanwhile, the Israelis shot the cameraman and he was hospitalized. Earlier, Walid al Omari, senior correspondent in Palestine, was stopped and interrogated three times in one day.

Enmity towards reporters and Intimidating them is already a US policy.. after all, who bombed the al Jazeera headquarters in Afghanistan and Iraq? And who ’embedded’ journalists in order to show one point of view?

Given that license, Israel is doing the same. There is no accountability. 

So shoot, coward… you shot children before, and women and old men .. and now you shoot but another woman! She is still a woman, and you will continue to be but a coward.

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