The Lord chose his angel

Ten year old Maggie Mo’men had sustained a brain injury and bullet fragments in her lung since the explosion in St. Peter’s this week. Today, December 20th, just before Christmas, Maggie succumbed to her injuries and died in the hospital.

Maggie was an athlete who played for the Wadi Degla Sporting Club. She was also active in many church activities and a video circulated in which she was shown in a church play playing the role of David’s wife.

Maggie’s mother only said ‘We bring up our children for the Lord and today she went to heaven.’

Today is another day of mourning all over again. Maggie is victim number 27.

Celebrating her life: The following album is a tribute to her beautiful smile and her short but rich life:

Maggie as a small child:

Maggie in a church play [she is in the blue dress:


Her funeral:


TV host Youssef Al Hoseiny wrote a heartfelt tweet saying goodbye to Maggie:

Actress Sherihan writes condolences on Twitter:


Update: Dec 24: Maggie’s mom and dad narrate what happened:

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