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the minya monastery massacre: terrorist attack on a coptic convoy

Entrance to the Monastery of Anba Samuel the Confessor

A convoy of three bus and two smaller buses carrying mostly Coptic children and women on their way to Anba Samuel the Confessor Monastery in Minya, Upper Egypt, has been attacked by 10 masked gunmen, killing 39 29 and injuring 27 others. According to Maghagha Bishopric, the terrorists took all the jewelery and money from the victims before they fled. According to survivors, the militants were dressed in military clothes but the Ministry of Interior said they could not verify this. . In addition, a truck carrying some workers from Minya who work as laborers in the monastery, came upon the convoy and the attack, and the terrorists opened fire on them as well.

Warning of attack

Journalist Nader Shukri says the terrorists threw flyers in the buses after killing the Copts that basically said ‘congratulated people on the beginning of Ramadan and fasting’!! It also had an explanation of the benefits of fasting. ?! صوما مقبولا وذنبا مغفورا وكل سنة وانتم طيبين [Updates to follow as more news becomes available].

Several embassies, among them the US embassy in Cairo, had warned Egypt of an imminent attack the day before.
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palm sunday aftermath..

Besides the declaration of a state of emergency, there are several significant events and measures taken since the bombings: [please note all new updates will be at the very end of this post]

First: By the Regime:

ينصر دينك يا بطل

الطفلة لوسيندا التى اغتالها الإرهاب

ينصر دينك يا بطل
قتلت ناس عُزًّل كتير
ستات، شيوخ وكمان عيال
أزحت عنا خطر كبير
دي ناس بتقول الله محبة
والمحبة دي شيء خطير
اقتل بطرس واقتل مينا
اللي إخواتهم ماتوا في سينا
واللي ولادهم رقصوا فـي فرحك
واللي فـميّتم بيعزّينا
اقتل ماري وطنط تريزا
دايمًا كده يبتسموا في وشك
ويقولوا أهلًا خطوة عزيزة

دول ناس مافيهومشي ولا ميزة
واقتل برضه عمّك حنا
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why a state of emergency is not the solution

Presidential decree with state of emergency

Not even a week after President Sisi’s ‘successful trip’ to the US in which he met with his biggest fan the new US president, the church bombings occurred. As usual, the Orthodox Church had called on its people in New Jersey and New York to go greet Sisi on the streets with flags as a show of support – which they did.

President Sisi did not make an immediate statement following the Palm Sunday attacks but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the absurd statement that ‘this is a failed attempt at striking Egypt.’ In addition, the prime minister announced a three-day mourning period. By evening, the president ordered the military to ‘help police’ secure vital infrastructure in the country. The following day, April 10th, at 1pm, the president appeared on TV and declared a state of emergency [martial law]  for three months, contrary to the constitution which stipulates that such a decision must be made after the approval of parliament. He also announced the formation of a ‘high council for combating terrorism.’ He also admonished the media, and made the absurd comment that “the incident happened.. it’s unbelievable that I keep seeing it played over and over on all TV channels!” Included in the declaration is an article that this high council will take control of ‘renewing the religious discourse’ – a demand that he and others had made several times before.

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fighting terrorism? hardly.

The Egyptian regime has no time to stop terrorists. It is busy arresting and torturing and disappearing people. It is busy pursuing human rights activists and busy with their ‘funding resources’. It is busy building new prisons [almost 20 new prisons have been built since Sisi came to power]. It is busy denying anything bad is happening in Egypt, closing its eyes to young students dying in its prisons. It is busy arresting and illegally keeping in prison an Egyptian American beautiful young woman and her husband who went back to Egypt to help orphaned and street children accusing them of inciting children against the state. Busy killing a foreign student who came to study unions as part of his research. Busy releasing extremists from prisons, many with presidential amnesty. Busy building pointless structures without true investment. Busy taking grants and loans and raising prices of everything for the poor. Busy pursuing parliamentarians who speak up and removing journalists/media personalities who dared criticize it. It is busy selling parts of its land to another state just to get some finances regardless of Egypt’s rich resources. It is busy convincing everyone of the global conspiracy against Egypt and turning everyone against everyone else.

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