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This post will continue to be updated throughout Feb.

Although it is elections time, and everyone is focused on the sham elections, there have been other things going on in Egypt.


  • US’s General Tillerson was in Cairo meeting with Sisi. During the joint press conference in Egypt with Minister Sameh Shoukry, Secretary Tillerson stated: “The U.S.-Egyptian relationship is growing stronger every day as we work together to build a more secure, more prosperous region!”.
  • For several days Egypt was on high alert, mobilizing the army in Northern Sinai, issuing orders to hospitals to prevent staff vacations and closing schools, claiming there is a massive operation that will take place in Northern Sinai to fight terrorism. No known threats have been identified and people are in the dark as to what is happening. The military has only shown stock images of mobilization and some recent images and videos that do not show combat or engagement. A general stated that 2.5% of Egypt’s military has been mobilized.
    Parliamentary spokesperson said that “we are at war and need to stand behind our army.” This immediately followed the NYT article and perhaps it was a response to it to show that the army is capable. It also may be because of the upcoming sham elections and wanting people to support Sisi.
    Update from Mada Masr: The city of Arish is beginning to show signs of a food crisis, 13 days into the Armed Forces Operation Sinai 2018. Main markets have been devoid of fresh produce and supermarket shelves have been scarcely stocked with food products since February 11.

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what the world thinks of the egy and egy elections

Here is a collection of articles on the Egyptian elections by foreign newspapers:

  • The Washington Post: Egypt hits Sinai targets, killing 16 and arresting dozens
  • Wall Street Journal: Egypt’s President Sisi Touts Megaprojects Ahead of March Vote
  • The Sunday Times: Now is the time to visit Egypt. After recent troubles in the country, the home of the Sphinx is back on the tourist map. Travel editor Jane Knight visits with her son
  • The Economist: What fuel, bread and water reveal about how Egypt is mismanaged
  • Financial Times [requires subscription]: Egyptian news site keeps media freedom alive amid Sisi crackdown
  • Washington Post: Why Egypt’s oldest political party isn’t challenging President al-Sissi
  • Haaretz: Friends Like Israel and the IMF Can’t Fix a Broken Egypt
  • Atlantic Council: The State of Emergency in Egypt: An Exception or Rule?
  • NYTimes: Secret Alliance: Israel carries out air strikes in Egypt, with Cairo’s OK.
  • PRI: In Egypt’s ‘joke’ election, Sisi’s only challenger is perhaps his biggest fan
  • BBC: What’s the deal with Egypt’s elections?
  • The Sydney Morning Herald: In Egypt, Sisi’s election without candidates is a joke too grim for laughter
  • El Solta El Khamesa [The 5th Estate – Arabic program on Deutsche Welle]: Our man in Egypt: How the West sees Egypt
  • The New Arab: Sisi: A tyrant plagued by the ghosts of Egypt’s revolution
  • Reuters: Egypt opposition slams President Sisi’s warning to opponents
  • Foreign Policy: Egypt’s Undemocratic Election: Under Sisi’s iron fist, only one candidate is allowed to run.
  • The Atlantic: How to Save the Memories of the Egyptian Revolution. In a society where dissent has become dangerous, Mosireen’s archive is an exercise in the subversive power of memory.
  • Le Monde: En Egypte, une présidentielle atrophiée. Après les islamistes, après les révolutionnaires, c’est dans son propre camp que le président-maréchal Al-Sissi fait taire toute voix dissidente.
  • Le Monde: De quoi le président égyptien a-t-il peur  ?
  • Bloomberg: Egypt’s El-Sisi Gets Competition—and It’s From a Backer

sham election watch – february

This post will be updated throughout February

The sham election saga continues..

Feb 21:

  • South Cairo Criminal Court adds former presidential candidate & Strong Egypt Party head Abdelmoneim Abulfutouh (& 15 others) to Terrorist List.
  • MOI claims they arrested 6 fugitive Muslim Brotherhood members in Abulfutouh’s farm.

Feb 20:

  • The Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the appeal filed by lawyer Tarek El Awady against the candidacy of Mousa Mustafa Mousa should not be accepted because the person who filed the lawsuit is not the opposing presidential candidate.

Feb 14:

  • Former presidential candidate and Muslim Brotherhood member, Islamist Abdel Moneim Abulfutouh has been arrested. 6 members of his Misr El Kaweya party have also been arrested. They have been accused of inciting to overthrow the regime. His family issued a statement.

Feb 13:

  • Justice Hisham Geneina was arrested, and is currently being held by the military prosecution following claims that Sami Anan has documents implicating the state in post-2011 violence, according to Geneina’s lawyer. After his arrest, Anan’s family said that Anan possessed no such documents. Obviously both Anan and Geneina are in custody and they are being played against each other. After Anan’s alleged denial, Geneina allegedly said he had witnesses and asked for Dr. Hazem Hosni, Dr. Hazem Abdel Azim and others who he said were witnesses to the statement. [read more under the post on Justice Geneina]

Feb 11:

  • Mohamed al-Qassas, the Strong Egypt Party’s deputy president, who has been arrested two days ago, has reported being subject to mistreatment during his detention at the maximum-security Tora Prison complex, including prolonged hours of being handcuffed and blindfolded.

Feb 9:

  • The Supreme State Security Prosecution  ordered deputy head of Misr al-Qawia Party (Egypt Strong) Mohamed al-Qasas be detained for 15 days pending investigation on accusations of belonging to the Media Axis of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Feb 7:

  • Samir Anan, General Anan’s son has been arrested today and was being interrogated all day about tweets attributed to him from several accounts that had sprung up on Twitter since his father’s candidacy, and he had reported those accounts repeatedly.

Feb 6:

  • Caliph Sisi?

    This banner appeared in Egypt. It says because of his great achievements and accomplishments, Sisi deserves to be called the 6th Righteous Caliph!

  • Sami Anan’s arrest has been extended indefinitely.
  • Egypt announced that it is looking into prosecuting the opposition for boycotting Sisi’s elections in which only Sisi is running!!

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the assassination/kidnap attempt of justice geneina

In a new low for the Sisi regime, Justice Hisham Geneina, who had exposed the corruption of the regime last year when he was the Auditor General, and was removed by Sisi, has been attacked in what was most likely a failed assassination attempt or kidnap attempt. Geneina was in his car on his way to court in the case he filed against the regime for removing him from his position.  Geneina’s car was stopped by two cars near his home and three people attacked him with sticks and knives, injured his head and broke his leg. It should be noted that Geneina was chosen – and agreed to be – one of General Anan’s VPs in his halted campaign for president. The Ministry of Interior stated that Geneina’s driver hit another driver’s car and that this resulted in a fight between the two which led to Geneina’s injuries. “His knee is broken and he is bleeding from several parts of his body … they were trying to kill him,” his wife, Wafaa Kedieh, told Reuters.

Update: According to Lawyer Tarek El Awadi, Geneina is at the New Cairo General Hospital, bleeding since the morning and that the hostpial is refusing to transfer him to another hospital for treatment because they have not received instructions to do so. Continue reading

sham-election watch: january


  • Jan 31: Sisi makes his strongest and angriest statements yet, talking about how he will not leave the ‘security of Egypt’ to just anyone and asked people to give him another carte blanche to restore security to the country against the ‘evil people’. He threatened those who are ‘thinking only’ of harming Egypt’s security and trying to ‘sit on this chair’, saying he will not allow it.
  • Jan 30: Infamous lawyer Samir Sabri filed a lawsuit against the public figures who posted the online statement asking people to boycott the elections, claiming that they are inciting against the State.
  • The National Elections Authority (NEA) released the preliminary list of applicants who have qualified for candidacy in the 2018 presidential election. The list features sitting President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Ghad al-Thawra Party leader Moussa Mostafa. [Mada Masr]
  • The 25-30 parliamentary coalition which considers itself an opposition inside parliament issued a statement regarding the sham elections saying that it was a sorry state in the history of Egypt.
  • Eight political parties decided to boycott the elections and called their campaign ‘Stay at home.’
  • Jan 29: Candidate Ahmed El Fadali who just yesterday announced he would run against Sisi, has withdrawn.
  • Dar El Iftaa [Council for Fatwas] says “Anyone who abstains from voting is a sinner.”
  • Moosa Mostafa Moossa presented himself at the National Elections Authority 15 minutes before the Council closed its doors. His aides were shown running through the streets to reach the NEA. Later that day, Moosa gave a press conference in which he said he expected Sisi to win because he deserves it and that he himself was not running as a stooge. When asked by a journalist how he gathered 47 thousand forms in 24 hours, he responded with irritation that he had been working on it since Shafeeq withdrew from elections. The journalist asked him how come his name was not in any notary office, to which he expressed anger and irritation with no credible response.
  • Statement

    A military appeals court upheld Armed Forces Colonel Ahmed Konsowa’s six-year sentence, which was issued in December when Konsowa was charged with expressing his political views as an active military officer, in violation of military regulations.[Read more here and on Mada Masr]

  • Jan 28: Statement by Justice Geneina, Dr. Hazem Hosny, former parliamentarian and presidential candidate Mohamed Anwar Sadat, and former presidential candidate Abol Fottoh on obstructing the right of Egyptians to free presidential elections, demanding the disbanding of the National Elections Committee for accepting this obstruction contrary to the law and constitution.
    In addition, Sadat, head of the Reform and Development Party, called on civil and political forces to march peacefully to the Itihadiya
    : Some of those who allegedly signed the statement denied that this was a statement issued in collaboration with each other but rather they signed it as a possible initiative.
  • Moosa – running by order of the regime.

    Jan 28: a sudden new presidential candidate has surfaced. His name is Moosa Mostafa Moosa, and he had previously – and still does of course – support Sisi. He is head of the Al Ghad Party which supports Sisi after fighting with Ayman Nour. It should be noted that he has little over 24 hours to gather signatures to be eligible for elections – which the regime will surely provide him.  Indeed, he will receive 20 endorsements from MPs to meet candidacy requirements, members of the Alliance to Support Egypt in Parliament tell Mada Masr. Ayman Nour, on his part, says Moosa has been indicted and imprisoned for a year before for fraud in Saudi Arabia and that he has no college graduate certificate. His Facebook page reveals his complete and total support of Sisi.
    Read also Reuters coverage.

  • Justice Hisham Geneina

    Jan 27: Justice Hisham Geneina, who had exposed the corruption of the regime last year when he was the Auditor General, and was removed by the Sisi regime, has been attacked in what is most likely a failed assassination attempt or kidnap. [read more here in a separate blog post] The ministry of interior naturally denied its involvement and said it was a road-rage accident.

  • Another new candidate surfaced named Mahmoud Ramadan. He is apparently an author of several books on Egypt.
  • A new candidate surfaces 48 hours before closing candidate acceptance. His name is Ahmed El Fadali, head of Al Salam Democratic Party [just one of the minor parties no one has ever heard of].
  • Infamous Lawyer Mortada Mansour backtracks on presidential bid. Not that it was serious in the first place.
  • Meanwhile an Egyptian newspaper writes a headline that Sisi is a man who fears only God.
  • Jan 26: Egypt’s decrepit Wafd party has settled on fielding a candidate for president—a candidate who has endorsed Sisi for the job, namely El Sayed El Badawi. Today he is undergoing the required National Elections Authority (NEA)’s medical examination just hours before the NEA’s Friday deadline.

    El Wafd Party’s Badawi

    This last minute pressure to run for president is to ensure that Sisi does not run alone and to show the world that there are other candidates permitted to run too. If Sisi ran for president alone, he would need, by law, 5% of voters for him which is a mere 2.5 million people.

    It should be noted that El Badawi has several law suits claiming fraud and corruption pending against him already. In addition, El Wafd Party has expressed its position before, saying that they supported Sisi, and now suddenly they put up a puppet runner to run against him.

    In search of a loser?

    Al Qabas newspaper published an article with the headline: “Searching for a presidential hopeful who will lose against Sisi.”

    Social media had a field day making fun of El Badawi and the forced decision to run, even the Egyptian newspaper Al Mogaz wrote about it.

    Because of El Badawi’s history of fraud and law suits, some lawyers wanted to file complaints with the National Elections Authority about the inelligibility of El Badawi. However the NEA issued a statement saying that no one may file a complaint against a candidate’s eligibility except the candidate running against him – and that would be Sisi of course.

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