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the untimely death of Afrootoo

Jan 5th – There were clashes in Mokattam, Cairo, after a detainee died in police custody. 22 year old Mohamed from Mokattam, otherwise known as Afrootoo, died in police custody the evening he was arrested. The medical examiner’s report stated that he died of torture, from a fractured spleen/liver causing internal abdominal bleeding as a result of a severe blow to the abdomen. El Watan published the examiner’s news and removed it within an hour although the tweet is still there as of the writing of this post. Other papers such as Masrawy and El Fajr also published the report, but Masrawi removed it two hours after publication and replaced it with ‘The Medical Examiner did not yet issue a report”. Continue reading


2018: 1st month: a fake leak, a fake election, fake achievements, a dispute, hangings, and other stuff


  • First presidential decree of 2018 was published in the official newspaper extending the emergency laws another 3 months.
  • The New York Times published an article about alleged leaks of state security personnel calling famous journalists and actresses to dictate to them what they should stress when they are interviewed or when they go on air. [Click here to see my post on this issue]
  • A halo? Really?

    Sisi reactivated ‘Ask the President’ initiative to communicate with citizens “starting Wednesday January 10 until January 15, through the initiative’s official website”.

  • Parliamentarians sign 510 proxies to Sisi for a second  term as president.
  • A picture of Sisi at the Cathedral circulated social media claiming that there was a halo around his head. The photographer said that he didn’t know that he took the picture that way but that he was pleased he did. The picture clearly shows that Sisi was standing in front of a bishop whose white head turban centered exactly on Sisi’s head.
  • Jan 16 and 17: Sisi reshuffled his cabinet and made some minor cosmetic changes. The cabinet now includes 6 women for the first time in Egypt. He also removed the head of intelligence Khaled Fawzi and replaced him quietly without publication in any Egyptian newspaper.
  • Sisi decided to sell the rights to renovate and benefit from the Pyramids area to an Emirati company called Prism.  for 20 years.

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fake prisons, terrorism, rainbows, selling seafood, balls.. and other news

So much has been going on in Egypt over the past few months, it was difficult to keep up with all the news of the absurd, the attacks and other madness. This post will be a rather brief overview of the main events:


  • Egypt is building a fleet of UAV and recently signed a new shipment of long range drone for CH-5. The Egyptian Air Force is already operating Wing Loong & CH-4B, both spotted in Siwa and al-Maliz airbases.
  • Mada Masr tracked the flight paths of 2 luxury jets delivered to the Egyptian presidency by the French Dassault company, despite previous denials of the deal by Egyptian officials [Dec 25]
  • Putin visited Egypt for one day in which he met with Sisi and the latter agreed that both countries could use each other’s military bases for their operations. [November 30]. They also discussed the proposed Dabaa’ nuclear plant which Sisi is planning to build.
  • Sisi inaugurated the now-annual Youth Forum in Sharm El Sheikh. As he arrived, the British National anthem was played – which generated social media jokes. During his speech at the Forum, Sisi said he ‘invented’ and added a new human right, that of “combating terrorism.”
    [Naturally for anyone who knows human rights, fighting terrorism is a method not a right, and is the duty of the state. It is part of the contract between the people and the State.]
    Prior to the conference there was a media campaign clearly targeting ‘foreign’ youth rather than Egyptian youth, with a hashtag of ‘We need to talk’. They also posted a video entitled ‘We need to talk’. This backfired, as Egyptians did two things: they took to Twitter and hijacked the hashtag and began enumerating the regime’s myriad violations of human rights. The second is that they created an identical video but reversing the message.
  • Egypt’s official newspaper published Tiran and Sanafeer agreement after it was officially approved by Sisi. [August 17th:]
  •  Sisi grants permission to the Emir of Kuwait to own 163 acres of Egypt’s delta. [August 17].

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weeks in review: a release, an arrest, a discovery and 2 belly-dancing

Early April [2-4, 2017], the Egyptian president visited the US  and his visit included Egyptians standing  on both sides of the street, waving flags and greeting him as his convoy passed in Washington DC. He was in the States to ask for the US president’s financial and military support for which he only received promises of cooperation. Social media made fun of some of the images that surfaced of his infamous meeting with the US president in which they spoke of collaboration against terrorism. One image in particular showed the US president sitting at his desk in the Oval Office with the Egyptian president standing by his side – contrary to all protocols where both presidents should either be seated or standing up. The US president himself tweeted the pictures.

In the Oval Office

The Coptic Church also, prior to the explosions of the two churches in Tanta and Alexandria, asked the Copts to mobilize and greet him. Even though it was not the Copts alone who went to greet him, many still accused the Church of being hypocritical.

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loans, more loans, blaming twins, ‘new’ suez canal in sermons.. 2 weeks in review

Egyptian Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zoweil’s death was a point of much discussion among Egyptians. While the majority mourned him, there were the few – primarily Ikhwan – who gloated about his death because he was pro-Sisi. At least one newspaper published a post by a man named George Kelada – president of the ‘Egyptians in Italy’ group – where he claimed that the US had most likely ‘assassinated’ Zoweil by ‘cancer’ because he was so knowledgeable and they did not want his knowledge and science to go to Egyptians. Of course it’s a pathetic conspiratorial mentality as usual. It should be mentioned that Zoweil is a US citizen and has lived all his life in the US and won the Prize for his work in the US. His prize was for a 1996 team work in chemistry.

The anticipated $12.9 billion loan from the IMF to Egypt has also been the subject of much news, analysis and interest. Egypt said that it will improve the Egyptian pound devaluation through the IMF loan that is being negotiated. The president of the Central Bank – who happens to be the liaison between IMF and the Egyptian government said that they had asked for no money from the IMF!  Justice Tahani Al Gibali stated that the conditions are ‘significantly dangerous’. Parliamentarian Haytham Al Hariri said that the loan is just relief pills and that his 25-30 coalition in parliament has rejected the  IMF loan.  The IMF on the other hand stated that “the scale of IMF financing will depend on the [two-week] mission team’s assessment during the visit of the financing needs and the strength of the authority’s reform program”. Defending the loan, Parliamentarian Gamal Abbas stated that the economic situation in Egypt is extremely dire and that there has to be a change in its economic policies. However he said he approved of the IMF loan because it ‘shows Egypt was in a correct economic path.’ [A good article to read on the Egyptian economy and the IMF loan is in the Economist]. Continue reading